Monday, August 13, 2007

Announcing: Ubucon Germany

Ich liebe Deutschland... and I'm very excited to pass on some news regarding the latest announced Ubucon, which will take place in Germany. Specifically, it will be at the Hochschule Niederrhein in Krefeld, Germany, and it takes place on October 20 and 21.

For further info, see these links:

Ubucon Germany Home - register here wiki page - includes links to brainstorming sessions
Blog post (in English) on the Ubucon Germany
Announcement on the Ubuntu Fridge

And of course, what would a Ubucon be without...
#ubucon-de - IRC channel on

Edit: Oops - I corrected the IRC channel. I had erroneously listed it as #ubucon


Christopher Denter said...

Hi, in fact it is #ubucon-de where you can find us. :)


Anonymous said...

Can FLOSS gatherings enter the 21st century?
Irc is nice and all but i see no reason why there isnt some live streaming.
Wnenever i go to alternative music festivals in europe like Esperanzah (BE), they have live streaming even the small ones will set up a 72hour radio station..

This isnt a Ubucon specific problem but it would be amazing for those who cant attend.

Anonymous said...

re: live streaming

I'm sure it's just a matter of getting the right amount of sponsorship to be able to do it financially.

Anonymous said...

There was Ubucon Guatemala (Central America) last weekend, it was awesome!

barehandFX said...

:) why you stop blogging?