Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Announcing The UbuCon NY!!!!

More details coming very, very soon. Rest assured, this will happen, and things are coming together rather quickly.

Live on the Edge! Install Edgy Beta!

You know you want to do it... Here's a page where you can start.

"Edgy Edge" will be the next version of Ubuntu, and it's scheduled to ship this month. Kudos to the Ubuntu folks for sticking with the original release schedule - as you may recall, 6.06 was orginally supposed to be 6.04, but then it was delayed for 2 months. Sticking to Ubuntu's mandated 6-month release cycle means that Edge will be 6.10, although I don't think anyone would give them too much grief if they had decided to make this one 6.12 instead. Confused? Meh, just download it and don't worry about it :@)

Relax... don't worry... have a homebrew install Ubuntu

:D :D :D